Advisory Members of the Communications Committee (Riding Affiliations are for identification purposes only)

Harry Kopyto, Davenport EDA

Cheri DiNovo, MPP, Parkdale-High Park EDA

Gord Perks, Councillor, Parkdale-High Park EDA

Sid Ryan, Whitby-Oshawa EDA

Kathryne Schulz, Toronto-Danforth EDA

Jason Baines, former President, Toronto Centre EDA

Colleen Glynn, Richmond Centre EDA

Bryan Dale, Toronto-Danforth EDA

Kim Ellen Levis, Spadina-Fort York EDA

Coline Gardhouse, Scarborough-Southwest EDA

Kim Stewart, Vancouver-Kingsway EDA

Gary Porter, Saanich Gulf Islands EDA

Marv Gandall, Victoria EDA

Dale Perkins, Victoria EDA



NDP4LEAP was formed by a small group of New Democrats for the purpose of promoting the cause of climate justice at the 2016 NDP Federal Convention. It started off in December of 2015 with a film showing of Avi Lewis’s documentary “This Changes Everything”, somewhat based on Naomi Klein’s book of the same name. It was shown at an east end Toronto NDP riding and a signup sheet for further information was circulated by a handful of pro-LEAP activists. Out of that meeting, a resolution was formulated and circulated to NDP ridings across the country thanks to the coordinating efforts of Harry Kopyto of the Davenport NDP riding in Toronto.


In early 2016, ONDP MPP Cheri DiNovo, together with MPP Peter Tabuns, sponsored a Town Hall meeting in Toronto with Avi Lewis as emcee and a host of speakers from various groups relating to workers, First Nations, women’s rights, climate change, etc. This meeting attracted 500 people and helped set the stage for connecting a climate justice-oriented NDP initiative to broad movements outside the NDP.


The resolution, endorsed by some 20 ridings across the country, appears as one of the documents in this website. The resolution was put into abeyance and a resolution calling for a 2-year discussion on the NDP’s approach to the LEAP Manifesto was passed instead. Thus, the 2018 Federal Convention of the NDP will have an opportunity to decide on the original resolution.


Mission Statement

The goal of this website is to move beyond discussion. We have attached documents to this website which have plenty of information of the Manifesto addressed to various constituencies. Our goal is to advance the NDP as the Climate Justice Party. This term is very inclusive and unites struggles of Canadians for workers’ rights, First Nations rights, minority rights, and the urgency of moving to an environmentally safe future. Such a project requires active participation as well as discussion. It challenges us to combine our strivings as a parliamentary party with our building a movement base to be part of ongoing climate justice struggles.


We wish to encourage New Democrats to build LEAP support groups or clubs within our riding structures to participate in climate justice actions in our own name. We wish to help NDP activists to put forward our own program and party while participating in local struggles.


To that end, we want to provide information to ridings across Canada about local activities that our NDP forces can get involved with. By sharing information, we hope to be able to build a much needed, multi-faceted, and effective movement for social change within and outside the NDP. This website is meant to be an information centre reaching out across the country. We are starting off with a temporary group of advisors to get the project launched. We want the advisors of the website to be broadly representative geographically, by gender, by ethnicities, and by the working class, which helped to found the NDP. That is what we hope to achieve over time, but at the moment we are launching a modest website to act as a cross-Canada communications conduit for interested New Democrats.