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Former Alberta MLA exposes extent of Big Oil's manipulation of politicians.

Gordon Laxer warns against NAFTA provisions which force Canada to overshoot carbon budget.

Scarborough South West NDP campaign against Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Canada's New Democrat Youth denounce Liberal government's support for Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Economists argue for strategy of restricting supply of fossil fuels productionbeyond carbon taxes and cap and trade.

Auditors-General criticize federal government and provinces for lack of effort on climate change.

Civil disobedience and arrests at Kinder Morgan.

Longstanding BC NDP member resigns over failures of Horgan'z government.

Le journal LeDevoir signale une lutte par 338 municipalités de Québec contre le gouvernement sur le manque d'eau potable.

Indigenous activist Clayton Thomas-Muller  is a featured speaker at a conference titled "Change the System, Not the Climate" who puts forward a feminist perspective of effective resistance, a fighting position to protect the water from tar sands, and a critique of capitalist commodification of the people and the land.

Indigenous Environmental Nework website puts forward climate justice perspective.

Report on the NDP federal convention by two NDP4LEAP supporters.

Solar storage breakthrough.

13 universities have formed a climate change coalition. searches for Trudeau's "science" to prove Kinder Morgan is of benefit.

Council of Canadians' critique of federal Liberal budget.

First Nations Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands.

Jeremy Corbyn promises to nationalise British energy corporations to avoid climate catastrophe.

Open letter to supporters of Leap and Courage from NDP4LEAP.

David Suzuki critiques Consumer Society—built into capitalism.

Effects of fracking on children.

Check out Varda Burstyn's website on pervasive toxic chemicals in our environment.

Amnesty International condemnation of BC NDP government's "human rights abuse" in approving Site C dam.