Comparison of climate change related platforms of NDP leadership candidates with Leap Manifesto—note that none of candidates responded to our survey and none has indicated Leap as overarching vision. Closest has been Niki Ashton in speech at Hamilton Showcase. Here is what our research has turned up: Ashton vs. CaronAngusSingh.

BC government is going to court to challenge Kinder Morgan and is hiring Thomas Berger as counsel

New ecosocialist group, Courage, which has a perspective of working with the NDP

Climate Justice organization in Saskatchewan, Courage, discusses NDP and Leap Manifesto

Against pipelines appeal to NDP ridings.

Comparison of NDP policy and LEAP Manifesto

Check out the newly launched NDP4LEAP facebook page.

This video is a summary report on a debate that was held in Vancouver on January 10, 2017. The LEAP committee from the Vancouver Kingsway riding organized the debate which included audience discussion and surveys. The topic of the debate was whether the NDP should adopt the LEAP Manifesto.

Check out the message to all federal ridings regarding pipelines and the BC election.

Report on positions on pipelines by NDP leadership candidates and federal caucus.

Stephen Lewis's speech to federal NDP convention, 2016—LEAP discussion toward end of speech "The shift to renewables is the Marshall Plan for employment, and it should be embraced."

Leap Discussion with Avi Lewis & Cheri DiNovo

Toronto Centre NDP discussion on LEAP with Avi Lewis and Cheri DiNovo

NDP leadership interviews: Niki AshtonPeter Julian,  Guy Caron

Debate on Basic Income schemes

Libby Davies pro-LEAP statement & NDP leadership

Kenneth Dewar on the NDP and the Future of Social Democracy in Canada