Open letter to ONDP leader Andrea Horwath.

Former Alberta MLA exposes extent of Big Oil's manipulation of politicians.

Gordon Laxer warns against NAFTA provisions which force Canada to overshoot carbon budget.

Economists argue for strategy of restricting supply of fossil fuels production beyond carbon taxes and cap and trade.

Civil disobedience and arrests at Kinder Morgan

Indigenous activist Clayton Thomas-Muller  is a featured speaker at a conference titled "Change the System, Not the Climate" who puts forward a feminist perspective of effective resistance, a fighting position to protect the water from tar sands, and a critique of capitalist commodification of the people and the land.

Solar storage breakthrough.

13 universities have formed a climate change coalition.

Council of Canadians' critique of federal Liberal budget.

First Nations Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands.

Jeremy Corbyn promises to nationalise British energy corporations to avoid climate catastrophe.

The very increased efficiency, much lower cost of giant Lithium batteries have made renewable energy substitution over other forms of electricity generation possible. What's more, the implications of this transformative technology are that big dam projects, such as Site C, are no longer necessary. It's time for Canadian governments to stop planning from the rearview mirror of time and to rapidly move forward to energy production and corresponding jobs into wind, solar, and geothermal power. Stop wasting huge money on dams, refurbishing nuclear, continuing with tar sands oil and water-destroying fracking.

Opinion Piece: BC NDP's great mistake in going ahead with the Site C dam.

Don't blame god or nature: David Suzuki blames human practices.

Ottawa not prepared to deal with impacts of climate change, according to environmental commissioner.

Imperfect renewable technology is better than fossil fuels—David Suzuki.

Three mega-dam projects reported as environmentally destructive, hugely costly, and superseded by low cost renewables.

Environmental racism in the USA, exacerbated by Trump.

Pembina Institute on Canada's pace in meeting climate targets.

Campaign for a "climate damages tax"

Who funds the dirtiest energy projects—tar sands?

Cities that will be drowned by global warming.Don't blame god or nature: David Suzuki blames human practices.

BC NDP calls on Liberal government to investigate Kinder Morgan.

UN report on catastrophic gap between pledged and needed climate action.

Text of UN Emissions Gap Report.

Leap Montreal activist calls for multifaceted approach to environmental activism.

Review of Ian Angus's A Redder Shade of Green: Intersections of Science and Socialism

George Monbiot on hurricanes and capitalism's culpability

Top climate change scientist warns of the need to start de-carbonizing immediately

America's pro-Leap facebook page

Inuit in the Arctic switch to solar power

India has moved to solar powered trains, using technology of storage batteries

Alberta NDP government confronted with combatting methane production

NDP BC Premier Horgan vs. Trudeau

New ecosocialist group, Courage, which has a perspective of working with the NDP

Critical perspective on climate change as a function of capitalism

Video on UNcelebrate 150 by First Nations

Leap-supported campaign to uncelebrate 150 years of oppression of First Nations

Anti-fracking legislation in Ireland

Nine ways BC's NDP-Green Alliance promises to support clean growth, from Rabble

Greenpeace (Alberta) plan for Green Jobs

Inuit in the Arctic switch to solar power

Guardian article contrasting Corbyn and Trudeau and praising LEAP

Environmental Defence website

E-book on Climate Change and the Water Cycle

Campaign to switch Ontario to 100% renewable energy

Andrea Horwath's response to campaign for 100% renewable energy

David Suzuki research on BC oil and gas industry

George Martell on LEAP & Socialism (in Canadian Dimension)

Other Voices online Connexions Newsletter—while we don't endorse this publication, we bring it to your attention because of its focus on labour rights in the context of climate justice